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Response Table

Contains information summarizing the results of the Reflective Cracking Phase testing cycles, including Sensor id, sensor name, sensor type, test section id, cycle number, response, response value, response time, and test parameter id. Below are the column names and descriptions to query the RC database for Phase 3 test parameter 1



Unique number assigned to identify each of the two testing section. 

1 = North and 2 = South.


The name of their individual sensor used in the Reflective Cracking testing phase.


(sensor response)

OL = offset left (first reading)

MRL = Min Response Left

MR = Max Response

MRR = Min Response Right

OR = Offset Right


Test Sect ID :

Sensor Name :

Response :

Test Sect ID :


Custom SQL Query

 Advanced users can query the Reflective Cracking, Phase 3 database using Structured Query Language (SQL). Only read-only (select) queries are permitted.

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