Track Table

Identifies the north and south carriage positions corresponding to the 9 wander tracks.

TrackID Number assigned to identify north side and south side tracks.  Numbers 1 to 9 indicate the north side test items and 12 to 20 are used for the south side test items.
TrackNo Track number from -4 to 4
TrackOffset_MM Track offset measured from the centerline (mm).
Trackoffset_IN Track offset measured from the centerline (inch).
CarriagePositionNorth_FT North carriage offset measured from the centerline (foot).
CarriagePositionSouth_FT South carriage offset measured from the centerline (foot).
TestArea Test items.  North indicate LFC1NW, LFC1NE, LFC2NW, LFC2NE, LFC3N, and LFC4N.  South indicate LFC1SW, LFC1SE, LFC2SW, LFC2SE, LFC3S, and LFC4S.
Comment Comments

Track Data Query

Track IDTrack NoTrack Offset MMTrack Offset INCarriage Position North FTCarriage Position South FTTest AreaComment
14104040.94-12.588-3.088North NULL
2378030.71-13.441-3.941North NULL
3252020.47-14.294-4.794North NULL
4126010.24-15.147-5.647North NULL
5000-16-6.5North NULL
6-1-260-10.24-16.853-7.353North NULL
7-2-520-20.47-17.706-8.206North NULL
8-3-780-30.71-18.559-9.059North NULL
9-4-1040-40.94-19.412-9.912North NULL
1099999    Northaddition file lost
1 2