Airport Funding Strategies

Airport Funding Strategies


Forecasts regarding the US national air transportation system for the next 5 years suggest increased capacity utilization and “stretch” of existing infrastructure.  As such, upgrades are needed to accommodate air traffic and to distribute utilization more evenly given the expected growth of regional jet service to smaller cities and the availability of smaller “personal” or micro-jets. 


The research will focus on investigating through primary (interviews) and secondary data sources the challenges and potential growth opportunities facing airports of different sizes and capacities.  Sources of data will include personal surveys of stakeholders of the process, including airport authorities/officials, regional airline administrators, GA operators/users, and/or passengers at these airports.


The research should identify:


  • Future growth and expansion traffic (utilizing forecasts made by the airports, consulting groups and the FAA).
  • Identify infra-structural needs to accommodate the increased flow.
  • Assess the cost of these infra-structural needs,
  • Critically analyze the current funding practices and identify alternatives to help the airports meet these costs.


Contact Project Lead: Keith Bagot

Last Update: 05/18/09