Test Plan

A.  Gear Configuration
      Below is the gear configuration for test items.
      Two landing gear configurations were used for trafficking the test items; a 6-wheel landing gear and a 10-wheel landing gear. Figure below presents Test          Area 1. A pavement centerline that divides the test items into north and south sections is shown. The Figure presents the wheels configurations of                    sections loaded with 10- and 6-wheel gears on different sides. The Figure also depicts wander zones for each group of wheels. The wander zone of the          10-wheel gear extends on both sides of the centerline in Test Area 1 configuration. 
       In Test Area 2 configuration, however, the 10-wheel gear is contained on one side of the pavement centerline and wander zone stops 10 inches from the         centerline as shown.


Test Plan


The Test Plan comprises three parts:


Gear Configuration

Wheel Loads/Tire Pressure

Wander Pattern