Sensor Table

The Sensor table includes all of the information related to the sensors used in the testing.  It includes the names, types and location of the sensors.  For more information about the CC8 Phase 1 Instrumentation Plan click [here].


Sensor ID

Number used for sensor identification

Sensor Name

Name assigned to the sensor. The first letters identify the sensor type

Sensor Type

Type of sensor from the Instrumentation Plan


Units the sensors record in

Static Dynamic

Indicates either a static or dynamic sensor

Test Item ID

Test section number

Location X FT

Sensor location X coordinate in feet from Instrumentation Plan

Location Y FT

Sensor location Y coordinate in feet from Instrumentation Plan

Location Z IN

Sensor location Z coordinate in inches from Instrumentation Plan


Number of the Signal Processing Unit (SPU) used to acquire dynamic data from SenosrName

SPU Card

Data acquisition card within the SPU used to acquire data from SensorName


Number assigned to the multiplexer (MUX) used to acquire static data from SensorName

Mux Channel

The channel number within the MUX where data acquired from SensorName was stored



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