CC2 Phase V Test Section Layout


Three test sections were constructed by rubblizing the three rigid pavement test items from CC2 Phase IV at the NAPTF. From CC2 Phase IV, each test section was 75 feet long by 60 feet wide (22.9 m by 18.3 m) with thirty 15 by 15 foot by 12-inch thick concrete slabs (4.57 m by 4.57 m by 30.5 cm). Test section MRG was built directly on the subgrade, test section MRC was built on a crushed aggregate subbase on top of the subgrade, and test section MRS was built on an econocrete subbase over a crushed aggregate lower subbase. Each test item was separated into two 30-foot (9-m) wide traffic lanes, north and south.


All concrete slabs in the north traffic lane from CC2 Phase IV, including those in the transition sections, were rubblized with an RMI RB-500 resonant breaker operating at 44 Hz. The rubblized pavement was lightly wetted, rolled with a vibratory steel drum roller, and overlaid with five inches of P-401 hot mix asphalt. Several images are available showing the vibrating foot of the resonant breaker, the rubblized surface being rolled, the test pavement surface after rubblization, and the test pavement surface after overlaying (with the HWD equipment in position for uniformity testing).



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