FAA KUAB 10-7-2010


Vehicle Specification

The FAA uses a KUAB HWD testing vehicle at the NAPTF.  The following outlines many of the vehicle parameters during the testing of the Round-Up pavement.  The plate is a 4-segmented plate with a radius of 5.91 inches.  The drop sequence followed the recommended testing load levels for a HWD vehicle.  A seating drop of 36k lbs was followed by 12k, 24k, and 36k lbs test drops.  Data from the seating drop was collected along with the test drops.  The FAA KUAB has 8 sensors measuring deflections.  1 Sensor is positioned at the center of the plate, 1 sensor is positioned 12 inches in front of the plate along the path of the vehicle, and the remaining six sensors are positioned behind the plate at 12" spacing.  The vehicle is operator by a driver in the truck cabin and a spotter outside the vehicle for positioning of the plate.



Testing of Cycle 1 and Cycle 2 with the FAA KUAB was performed on 10-7-2010.  Instrumentation embedded within the pavement also acquired data during testing.  The KUAB deflection data was collected as a single .fwd file readable in Notepad.  The .fwd file was converted into a .pddx file after testing using a separate conversion program.  Both file formats are available for download.