CC2 - Test Items : Pavement Markings

The test item surfaces were dried for brief periods as required by the painting contractor. 


The transverse lines separating the transitions from the test items were painted yellow at a 4 in. width.  Two coats of epoxy were painted over two coats of acrylic base. 


The centerline was painted yellow at a 12 in. width using three coats of epoxy over one coat of acrylic base. 


The transitions were identified as T4, T5, and T6 using a white acrylic base outlined by a black acrylic second coat forming the background.  Transition 7 was completed after the painting contractor worked at the facility and, as a result, was not marked. 


The test items were identified as MRC, MRG, and MRS using a yellow acrylic second coat over a black acrylic first coat.  The transitions and test items were marked on both the north and south sides.  Thin metal plates painted with blue on white background were hung on the south wall of the facility, each identifying one of the test items, MRC, MRG, or MRS.