CC2 Phase I Test Section Layout

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CC2 consisted of 12 PCC slabs—4 slabs 20’ wide x 20’ long and 8 slabs 15’ wide x 15’ long—with a thickness of 11 inches. The 12 PCC slabs were placed over an existing econocrete subbase layer from CC1.

A two-aggregate PCC mix design, similar to the one used in the original CC1, was placed in the North section; whereas, a three-aggregate PCC mix design was used for the South section.

Additional information regarding the PCC mix design selection can be found in the
Material Characterization Plan. The slabs were covered with burlap and wet-cured for 28 days to maintain no more than a 10 – 15°F (5 – 8°C) temperature differential between top and bottom of the slabs for the first three days