Recyclable Pavement Materials


The scope of this project is as follows:

  • Conduct a comprehensive search of available technical information pertaining to current recycling practices as applied specifically to airport pavements. Recycled pavement materials in use at airports may include portland cement concrete (PCC), asphalt concrete, stabilized base materials (asphalt concrete, cement treated base, econocrete, etc.), and aggregates (crushed and uncrushed).
  • Conduct a field investigation to determine appropriate performance measurements for the various recycled materials.
  • Analyze and collate the collected information, with the emphasis on identifying important technical advances, proven construction practices and other pertinent facts.

Task Completion





Technical guidelines for use of recycled pavement materials; Advisory Circular to provide standards for recycled pavement applications at airports.


  • A report, 'Recycling of Airport Pavements,' was prepared by the FAA Center of Excellence for Airport Pavement Research (COE Report No. 16, March 2001). This report includes a comprehensive literature survey covering recycling practices for both flexible and rigid airport pavements. 
  • Field Tests 2003
  • Analysis of Field Tests and Guideline Preparation 2004



Last Update: 05/18/2009