Airport Safety Data Mining




Airport Technology Research and Development (ATR) reviews, categorizes, and analyzes accidents and incidents on and in the vicinity of airports to identify airport causal factors that may contribute to these events. We maintain the Airport Safety Database that is comprised of data from six sources: the Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS), National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigation reports, FAA Runway Safety Office Runway Incursion Database (RWS), Pilot Deviation System (PDS), Vehicle/Pedestrian Deviation System (VPDS), and the Accident and Incident Data System (AIDS).


The ATR produces an annual report with a five year rolling timeframe. This report provides detailed analysis of the top 25 occurrence types and 22 distinct contributing factors, incorporating both the frequency of occurrences and the severity of their consequences, and identifies airports with the highest number of repeating occurrence types. The ultimate goal is to determine and recommend actions that prevent or mitigate incidents and accidents in advance of their occurrence.