Instrumentation Plan

About 200 sensors were embedded in the pavement structure. Sensors were installed in the test pavement, which included vertical displacement transducers (VDs) and embedded strain gages (EGs) in the concrete layer. Additional surface strain gages and pressure cells were installed on the upper surface of concrete layer, as well as thermistors distributed along the depths of asphalt concrete layer and base layer. Click here to download an Instrumentation Diagram drawn to scale. 

Construction Cycle 3 (CC3) Sensor Diagram

Instrumentation diagram CC3

These sensors were of two types, static and dynamic. Static sensors were used to monitor temperature in the asphalt and moisture in the subgrade on an hourly basis. Dynamic sensors measured strains in the asphalt, pressure and compression in the subgrade, and deflections throughout the depth of the pavement structure. Test vehicle operations triggered the dynamic sensors. Static and dynamic sensor data were processed and stored in a computer database. Information about the sensor can be downloaded here and the collected sensor data from CC3 can be accessed here.