Data Acquisition

Main Features of the Data Acquisition System

The data acquisition scheme is taking place under three main different modes:

  1. Automatic Dynamic Mode: Aircraft loading on the pavement, and the resulting pavement response, are captured in a dynamic mode. In this mode, the passage of an aircraft triggers on average about 50 sensors out of an array of 200 dynamic sensors. For each sensor, a record of up to 40 seconds worth of data is collected. Identification of aircraft is performed in an indirect manner. The analysis of dynamic data is a fairly involved process. An example of use of the database and a simple data analysis is provided in a published paper Runway Instrumentation at Denver International Airport.

  2. Automatic Static Mode : Environmental-related data such as temperature, moisture and long-term strains are automatically recorded every hour. For this project such data is termed as static as it is not directly affected by the passage of airplanes onto the test section.

  3. Manual collection of data : On a quarterly basis, data is collected manually at the site. There are two main types of manual data collection: the recording of the detailed Surveys and Manual Measurements of the pavement surface and joints, and the testing of the pavement with a Falling Weight Deflectometer device.

Last Update: 05/18/09