Construction Cycle 2 (CC-2) Phase V HMA Overlay


FAA published guidelines in Engineering Brief 66 (EB-66) for use of rubblized Portland cement concrete base courses in airfield pavements based on broad industry experience. EB-66 is an interim guidance and full-scale testing under heavy aircraft loading was needed to develop design standards for use of EB-66 at airports.


The objectives of CC2 Phase V were to:


  •        Conduct full-scale accelerated pavement testing of rubblized concrete pavements with HMA overlay under heavy aircraft loading.


  •   Observe changes in the modulus of the rubblized concrete layer due to pavement deterioration using NDT, and c haracterize pavement uniformity and performance using NDT, forensic evaluation, and laboratory testing.



This research phase provided information regarding concrete rubblization process, performance of HMA overlay over rubblized concrete, and its respective failure mechanisms. The test results were useful in determining structural characteristics of rubblized pavements that can be used in airfield thickness design procedures.