Airport Pavement Software Programs

BAKFAA version

BAKFAA is the FAA software to perform backcalculation of pavement material properties using Heavy Weight Deflectometer/Falling Weight Deflectometer (HWD/FWD) data.


FAA PAVEAIR is a web-based airport pavement management system that provides users with historic and current information about airport pavement construction, maintenance and management.


FAARFIELD 1.42 is the standard thickness design software accompanying AC 150/5320-6F Airport Pavement Design and Evaluation. FAARFIELD 1.42 replaces all previous versions of FAARFIELD.


The Federal Aviation Administration's computer program for computing pavement elevation profile roughness indexes.

FEAFAA 2.11 - 3D Finite Element Analysis of Rigid Airport Pavements

FEAFAA (Finite Element Analysis - FAA) was developed by the FAA Airport Technology R&D Branch as a stand-alone tool for 3D finite element analysis of multiple-slab rigid airport pavements and overlays.


ProGroove software is used to identify grooves. Transverse grooves in an airport pavement allow water to be ejected from beneath the tires of an aircraft moving at high speed. It has been found that the grooves can efficiently reduce the hydroplaning potential of a pavement during wet weather.


ICAO-ACN calculates ICAO aircraft classification numbers (ACN) for aircraft operating on flexible and rigid airport pavements.


COMFAA 3.0 accompanies Advisory Circular AC 150/5335-5C, “Standardized Method of Reporting Airport Pavement Strength – PCN,” and is designed to work with the COMFAA 3.0 support spreadsheet.