CC2 Phase IV Test Section Layout



CC2 Phase IV test sections were constructed in 2004 and consisted of three different test sections:


1.      MRC – Rigid pavement placed over a 10 in. of conventional subbase (P-154 Uncrushed Aggregate) and medium strength subgrade.

2.      MRG – Rigid pavement placed over a graded medium strength subgrade (no subbase layer).  

3.      MRS - Rigid pavement placed over a 6 in. of stabilized base (P-306 Econocrete) and medium strength subgrade.


Each test section was 75 ft. long by 60 ft. wide and contained 20 PCC slabs.  Each slab size was selected to be 15 ft by 15 ft by 12 in based on the outcomes of previous CC2 research phases. Each test section included steel dowels at all joints (longitudinal and transverse). The materials used in each test section were selected according to FAA construction standards and incorporated a minimum of 50% fly ash. A minimum fly ash criteria was used to reduce concrete flexural strength and accelerate pavement damage.





Regarding the substructure, all test sections were placed on a medium strength clay subgrade with a target CBR of 7. Rigid transitions (P-501 PCC Materials) were also built to separate each test section.





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