Airport Pavement Papers & Publications

PCN–PCR Comparisons for Large- and Medium-Hub Airport Runways

Report number: DOT/FAA/TC-23/57 Author: Dr. David Brill

Small Unmanned Aircraft System for Pavement Inspection

Report Number: DOT/FAA/TC-23/50, Authors: Dr. Md Abdullah All Sourav, Dr. Halil Ceylan, Dr. Colin Brooks, David Peshkin, Dr. Sunghwan Kim, Rick Dobson, Chris Cook, Dr. Masrur Mahedi, and Abby Jenkins

Summary of Case Studies and Observations on Airport Experience with Pavement Surface Treatments

Report number: DOT/FAA/TC-TN23/49 Authors: Peter-Paul Dzwilewski, David Peshkin, Jeff Stempihar, Sharlan Montgomery Dunn, and Russell Ashburn

Recommended Changes to FAA P-401/P-403 And P-404 Asphalt Mixture Design for Aircraft Loading Conditions

Report number: DOT/FAA/TC-22/25 Author: Thomas Bennert, Ph.D.

Assessment of Dynamic Modulus Testing of Airfield Asphalt Mixes Using Small-Scale Test

Report number: DOT/FAA/TC-TN23/45, Authors: Dario Batioja Alvarez

Assessment of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems for Pavement Inspections

Report number: DOT/FAA/TC-23/39, Authors: Drishti Valecha, David Hall, Ethan Schreuder, Sheldon Menezes, Aaron Lawrence, and Russell Knieriem

Geothermal System for Airport Pavement Snowmelt and Terminal Cooling

Report number: DOT/FAA/TC-23/38, Authors: William Ziegler and Chad Nixon

Evaluation of Airport Pavement Designs for Seasonal Frost and Permafrost Conditions

Report number: DOT/FAA/TC-23/11, Author: Ali Z. Ashtiani and Tim Parsons

Advanced Construction Techniques for Heated Pavement Systems

Report number: DOT/FAA/TC-22/36, Authors: Hesham Abdualla, Halil Ceylan, Sunghwan Kim, Kasthurirangan Gopalakrishnan, Peter C. Taylor, and Alireza Sassani

In-Service Performance of Airport Flexible Pavements Constructed Following State Specifications for Highway Pavement Materials

DOT/FAA/TC-22/46, Author: West, R. C., Rodezno, M. C., Leiva, F., and Musselman, J. A.