Field Instrumentation & Testing

Field instrumentation and testing focuses on the collection of instrumentation, laboratory, and field data from current airports. The main objective of this project is to better understand long-term pavement behavior in the field under varied climatic and operating conditions, and improved characterization of paving materials. This will lead to improved pavement design and evaluation tools that will conserve airport development funds and reduce the downtime of airfield pavements for construction and maintenance activities.



The specific objectives are:

  • Evaluate the effects of environment on pavement performance
  • Determine thermal gradients within asphalt and concrete layers
  • Determine the effects of material properties and variability on pavement response and performance
  • Determine the effects of construction quality on pavement response and performance
  • Determine the effects of specific design features on pavement response and performance
  • Develop improved material characterization through in-situ and laboratory testing at new construction projects and, when available, subgrade testing for rehabilitation projects


Type of data to be collected:

  • Climatic data (pavement & air temperatures)
  • Pavement response data (strains, deflections)
  • Material samples for laboratory testing
  • In-situ test data (non-destructive tests, vane shear, dynamic cone penetrometer, etc.)
  • Heavy Weight Deflectometer tests


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