Airport Safety Papers & Publications

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Wildlife Strikes to Civil Aircraft in the United States, 1990–2019

DOT/FAA/TC-21/11 Authors: Dolbeer, Richard; Begier, Michael; Miller, Phyllis; Weller, John; Anderson, Amy

Runway Incursion Mitigation Fiscal Year 2020 Annual Summary Report

DOT/FAA/TC-21/10 Authors: Vitagliano, Lauren ; Debban, Steven ; Bleach, Kevin ; Liu, Candace.

TC-21-4_Analysis of NES

DOT/FAA/TC-21/4 Authors: Miller, Nicholas P.; Czech, Joseph J.; Hellauer, Kurt M.; Nicholas, Bradley L.; Lohr, Sharon; Jodts, Eric; Broene, Pam; Morganstein, David; Kali, Jennifer; Zhu, Xiaoshu; Cantor, David; Hudnall, Jeannie; Melia, Karen

Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Strategies and Tactical Considerations for New Large Aircraft: Update

DOT/FAA/TC-20/19 Author: Kreckie, Jack

Runway Incursion Mitigation Fiscal Year 2019 Annual Summary Rep

DOT/FAA/TC-20/05 Authors: Vitagliano, Lauren; Debban, Steven; Healey, Joseph

Technology Assessment to Improve Operations Counts at Non-Towered Airports

DOT/FAA/TC-19/43 Authors: John H. Mott, Chuyang Yang, Brandon Hardin, Steven Zehr, Darcy M. Bullock, Jack R. Bell

Federal Aviation Administration Frangibility Guidebook Version 1.0

DOT/FAA/TC-LC19/38 Authors: Joseph Breen P.E., Clint Rooks, Shane Shurtliff, and Matthew Pantone

Noise Level Reduction Measurement Method Equalization and Normalization

DOT/FAA/TC-19/34 Authors: Sharp, Ben H.; Cox, J. Eric; Zheng, Z.C.

Full-Scale Evaluation of Novec™ 1230

DOT/FAA/TC-19/27 Author: Casey, Jeremy

Evaluation of Input-Based Foam Proportioner Testing Systems

DOT/FAA/TC-19/26 Authors: Jeremy Casey and Daniel Trazzi