Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) personnel training, aircraft weight and balance, and firefighting tactics are critical to mitigating cargo fires. ATR has conducted extensive testing on combating cargo fires since 2006 when a cargo fire incident involving a UPS Flight highlighted deficiencies in cargo firefighting training. In response, ATR conducted a full-scale Cargo Fire Research Project that involved a series of firefighting-related tests to evaluate different tactics to combat cargo fires. 


A series of 11 test scenarios evaluated the effectiveness of certain firefighting tactics with various types of unit load devices (ULDs), also referred to as  cargo containers. The tests were performed inside an Airbus A310.  The tested firefighting tactics included oxygen deprivation, attack tactics, and indirect  attack tactics. The test evaluated the effectiveness of high reach extendable turrets with aircraft skin-penetrating nozzle (ASPN) technologies, specifically the Snozzle® ASPN, a Stinger® ASPN, and one prototype. 


The findings from these tests were used to create training material for ARFF personnel. Learn More: Full-Scale Evaluation of ARFF Tactics for Cargo Fires on Freighter Aircraft