Break Data

Break Data

   Concrete Break Data


P-501 PCC Surface Mix

Construction of the surface slabs was done by hand.  As such, slabs were placed with wooden forms and done in an alternating pattern.  The concrete slabs were numbered during construction starting with the eastern most slab, Slab 1, and ending with the western most slab, Slab 4.  Two slabs, slabs 1 and 3, were placed on 4-29-2010.  The other two slabs were placed on 5-3-2010.  Construction of two slabs required three truckloads of concrete.  Samples were taken from each truck and are identified by the slabs created with the truckload.  The average 28 day flexural strength for the slabs was just over 700 psi.


P-306 Econocrete Base Course

Construction of the Econocrete base course required two truckloads.  The entire 60' of base course was constructed at one time on 4-23-2010.  Samples were taken from each truckload and are identified as such.  The average 7 day compressive strength of the Econocrete was 525 psi.