Construction Cycle 2 (CC-2) Phase III Twin Slab


CC2 Phase II was constructed within the NAPTF facility, enclosed from the natural environment. So, it was necessary to better understand the impacts of respective environmental conditions (indoors compared to natural environmental exposure) on PCC curling.


Therefore, CC2 Phase III consisted of the construction of two PCC slabs, one within the NAPTF and one immediately outside. Evaluation of these slabs under their respective environmental conditions would aid in further characterization of PCC curling behavior. Specifically, CC2 Phase III has two primary objectives:


1. Evaluate and compare PCC slab movements and responses from the indoor and outdoor environments, and


2. Compare the curling behavior of PCC slab without fly ash (CC2 Phase III) to PCC slabs with high fly ash content (from CC2 Phase II).



The findings from CC2 Phase III were:

  • Curling was evident in both the indoor and outdoor environment. Severity of curling was found to be more extreme in the outdoor environment.
  • Keeping the pavement continually wet was found to be an effective procedure for mitigating curling in rigid pavement placed indoors at the NAPTF.
  • Curling cannot be reversed with rewetting procedures in the indoor and outdoor environments.
  • The complete testing report including test results and findings can be found here.



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Traffic Testing

Test Results & Analysis   



No post-traffic testing was conducted in this research phase.



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Construction Cycle Data

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2a. Gear Configuration

10. Pavement Distress map (Concrete)

2b. Wheel Load/Tire Pressure

11. Post Traffic Testing

2c. Wander Pattern

11a. Trenching

3. Pavement-Construction/Cross-Section

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4.Instrumentation Plan

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