Construction Cycle 2 (CC-2) Twin Slab Items

Construction Cycle Data

This construction cycle has the following sub-pages:


1. Test Objective 8. Painting Plan 
2. Test Plan 9. Profiler Data/Rut Depths (HMA) 

2a. Gear Configuration

10. Pavement Distress map (Concrete)

2b. Wheel Load/Tire Pressure

11. Post Traffic Testing

2c. Wander Pattern

11a. Trenching

3. Pavement-Construction/Cross-Section

11b. CBR

4.Instrumentation Plan

11c. HWD

5. NDT Plan and Data

11d. Plate Loads

6. Material Characterization Plan & Data  12. Search the CC-2 Twin Slab Database
7. Material Testing Reports