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The FAAPAVEAIR is the optimal solution to the 1997 FAA-NASAO initiative to collect and share GA pavement condition data. It provides the FAA with an efficient and readily available tool to allow a coordinated system for incorporation of pavement condition information for decisions regarding distribution of Federal AIP funds. FAAPAVAEAIR makes it easier for airport sponsors to comply with FAA mandated pavement maintenance management program requirements as outlined in AC5380-6A: Guidelines and Procedures for Maintenance of Airport Pavements. Airport managers and sponsors will be able view and manage their pavement data from any location with internet access.  The data may be queried for a variety of purposes, such as assessing local (a few airports) and global (several states) pavement condition.  In addition, data may be entered or queried simultaneously by multiple users. Currently FAA PAVEAIR contains pavement data from over 1,700 airports. FAAPAVEAIR has the following functionalities. 

  • Inventory - Manage pavement asset.
  • Work - Pavement construction and maintenance history.
  • PCI - Pavement inspection, pavement Condition Index history.
  • Prediction Modeling - Pavement performance curve based on a selected category and inspection history. The curve is PCI vs Age, SCI vs Age and etc.
  • Condition Analysis - Predict pavement performance based on inspection and assigned prediction modeling.
  • M&R - Generate pavement maintenance and rehabilitation plan.
  • Report - Generate reports such as inspection, branch use.
  • Map - graphically display airport information, such as PCI, Branch Use.
  • Tools - Switch between languages, unit,  view distress deduct curves, and export databases.

FAA PAVEAIR Official Website: 


Software Integration

The Airport R&D branch has been developing software programs since 1995, the first software program developed was a Microsoft Windows-based program with a layered elastic response model. The program named LEDFAA and was published concurrently with advisory circular AC 150/5320-16, “Airport Pavement Design for the Boeing 777 Airplane.” Since then Airport R&D has continued to develop software programs research request, airport pavement industry need, and R&D research need. Software integration project is to upgrade these software programs to meet the software industry standards, to meet the latest FAA software cyber security standards, to better support FAA advisory circulars. Software integration will allow the software programs to share data and library, and able to communicate each other. Below is a brief summary of the programs. 


  • FAAPAVEAIR -  Pavement management system - Recommended in AC 150/5370-7B, 2014
  • FAAFIELD 2.0.2 - Pavement design and evaluation - AC 150/5320-6G, 2021
  • ProFAA - Collect and analyze pavement roughness - AC 150/5380-9, 2009
  • BAKFAA - Back-calculate pavement layer property - recommended in AC 150/5370-11A, 2003