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More than 200 sensors were embedded in the test slabs for data collection. The sensors were of two types, static and dynamic. Static sensors were used to monitor temperature and moisture.  Moisture sensors existed in the subgrade from CC-1 and were re-used. Experimental vibrating wire strain gauges and resistance crack indicators were also part of the static system. Dynamic sensors measured concrete strains and pavement deflections. Test vehicle operations triggered data retrieval from the dynamic sensors at an increased sampling rate. Sensor data collected during both traffic and non-traffic time periods were processed and stored in a computer database maintained on-site. The database is searchable online using the tools below.


Custom SQL Query

Advanced users can query the CC6 database using Structured Query Language (SQL). Only read-only (Select) queries are allowed. In formulating SQL queries, refer to the Table Map and Table Details.

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Table Map

The database is organized into tables as shown in the figure below. Key fields in each table are unique identifiers and are indicated by a key symbol. Lines represent links between tables



Search CC-2 Test Strip Database



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