CC-2 Test Strip

Construction Cycle 2 (CC-2) Test Strip Items

Construction Cycle Data

This construction cycle has the following sub-pages:


1. Test Objective 8. Painting Plan 
2. Test Plan 9. Profiler Data/Rut Depths (HMA) 

2a. Gear Configuration

10. Pavement Distress map (Concrete)

2b. Wheel Load/Tire Pressure

11. Post Traffic Testing

2c. Wander Pattern

11a. Trenching

3. Pavement-Construction/Cross-Section

11b. CBR

4. Instrumentation Plan

11c. HWD

5. NDT Plan and Data

11d. Plate Loads

6. Material Characterization Plan & Data  12. Search the CC-2 Test Strip Database
7. Material Testing Reports   



1. Portland Cement Concrete Test Strip Pavement at the FAA National Airport Pavement Test Facility (NAPTF) ASCE 2003

2. NAPTF Current Status on Testing - Rigid (Test Strip 06-05-02).ppt