Subject Point of Contact Name Email Phone Title
  Michel Hovan, PhD

(609) 485-6179


Branch Manager
  Susan Kaelin

(609) 485-8032

Administrative Contact
  Tina Di lanni

(609) 485-5409

Program Analyst
Pavement Jeff Gagnon (609) 485-5226
Airport Pavement R&D Section Manager
Pavement, Advanced Pavement Design, Concrete Pavement David Brill, PhD (609) 485-5198
Civil Engineer
Pavement, Airport Pavement Roughness, Pavement Friction, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Technologies Matt Brynick (609) 485-8180


Civil Engineer
Pavement, Asphalt Pavement, Field Instrumentation & Testing, National Airport Pavement & Materials Research Center (NAPMRC) , Sustainability Navneet Garg, PhD (609) 485-4483
Civil Engineer
Pavement, Airport Pavement Roughness, Reflective Cracking, Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Technologies Richard Ji, PhD (609) 485-8433
Civil Engineer
Pavement, Software Program Development & Support Qingge Jia (609) 485-5427
Computer Scientist
Pavement, National Airport Pavement Test Facility (NAPTF) Ryan Rutter (609) 485-4603
Electronics Engineer
Pavement, Field Instrumentation & Testing Wilfredo Villafane (609) 485-8503
Engineering Technician
Safety, Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Jim Patterson (609) 485-4989
Airport Safety R&D Section Manager
Safety, Airport Visual Guidance Ryan King (609) 485-8816


Acting Airport Safety R&D Section Manager; General Engineer
Safety, Pavement, Advanced Materials, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Technologies Murphy Flynn (609) 485-5318
Civil Engineer
Safety, Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting (ARFF) Keith Bagot (609) 485-6383
Airport Safety Specialist
Safety, Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration at Airports (UAS) , Obstruction Marking and Lighting Mike DiPilato (609) 485-7249
Airport Research Specialist
Safety, Airfield Paint Markings, Airport Safety Database & Analysis, Airport Visual Guidance, Airport Wildlife Abatement, Airport Wildlife Strike Database, Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Database Wesley Major, PhD (609) 485-4405
Airport Research Specialist
Safety, Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting Technology (ARFF), Visual Guidance, Airport Vehicle Operations, Airport Visual NAVAIDS, Engineered material arresting system (EMAS), TALPA RCAM Nick Subbotin (609) 485-8034
Airport Research Specialist
Safety, Airport Environmental, Noise, Airport Planning & Design, Resiliency, Runway Incursion Mitigation

(RIM), Sustainability

Lauren Vitagliano (609) 485-8198
Airport Research Specialist
Safety, Airport Visual Guidance, EMAS Signs Russ Gorman (609) 723-3555
General Engineer
Safety, Unmanned Aircraft Systems


Garrison Canter   Airport Research Specialist
Safety, Visual Guidance, Solar Lighting Darian Byrd (609) 674-4873
Electrical Engineer