A total of 154 sensors were installed in the RCOD test sections. Specifically, the following instrumentation was installed in each RCOD test section (TO and TT):
•    40 Surface Strain Gauges (SG)
•    10 Embedded Strain Gauges (EG)
•    10 Joint Displacement Gauges (JDG)
•    5 Joint Opening Gauges (JOG)
•    12 Thermocouples (T)

The figure below shows the instrumentation layout. On the TO section, a total of 10 joint displacement gages (JDG) were installed on the side of concrete slabs. A total of 10 asphalt strain gages (EG) were embedded at HMA overlay bottom directly above the concrete joint. These gages were placed at two offset locations (+/- 0.67feet) from the centerline of the test pavement. There were also surface strain gages (SG) installed. Thermocouples (T) were installed with an arrangement: (a) one array of six at the south-west corner of Slab TO1, and (b) one array of six at the north-east corner of Slab TO6. Thermocouples were placed at three depths as shown in Figure (b) and (d). The TT section has an identical instrumentation layout, as shown in Figure 4(c) and (d).


The As Built Drawings can be found here.


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Reflective Cracking Outdoor Phase I Instrumentation Layout 


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