Pavement Design

The RCOP-I test pavement was 155 feet long by 15 feet wide, and consisted of two test areas: the Temperature Only (TO) section, the Temperature and Traffic (TT) section, and a 30 foot long transition. The pavement structure included a 3 inch thick P-401MR HMA overlay, a 9 inch thick P-501MR concrete layer, an 8 inch thick P-154MR granular subbase, all on a prepared P-152MR subgrade as shown in the pavement cross section below. The P-501MR layer of each section (TO and TT) consists of six 10 × 10 foot slabs, see RCOD layout (a) and (b) respectively. All transverse joints were either Type C (Doweled Contraction Joint) or Type D (Undoweled/Dummy Contraction Joint). Since no stabilized base was present and the HMA overlay was relatively thin (3"), this overlaid rigid pavement structure may be considered representative of a non-hub or general aviation facility, i.e., not intended to handle heavy aircraft loads.


The As Built Drawings can be found here.


RCOP-I Pavement Cross-Section. (Click Image to Zoom)


(a) (Click Image to Zoom)


(b) (Click Image to Zoom)


Reflective Cracking Outdoor Phase I Test Item Layout 



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