Summary – Reflective Cracking Outdoor Phase II (RCOD II)

  • Applied traffic loads to the “traffic and temperature” (TT) section only using the FAA’s Heavy Vehicle Simulator for Airports (HVS-A).
  • Traffic start/end dates:  April 19-23, 2021.
  • Total passes: 2480
  • Accumulated passes to date: 5456
  • One bottom-up crack was observed during HVS-A trafficking at the West edge of the TT56 joint.
  • Doweled PCC joints showed a uniform strain distribution throughout the HMA overlay, whereas undoweled joints showed a top-down strain distribution with tensile strains at the surface and compressive strains at the bottom of the HMA overlay.
  • Internal temperature in the HMA overlay was greater than the ambient temperature due to sunlight exposure and not uniform with a peak value at the mid-depth of the HMA overlay.
  • Temperature change showed to have a greater impact on PCC joint displacement compared to trafficking.
  • As expected, HWD testing showed a decrease in the backcalculated modulus of the HMA overlay at most joints indicating structural deterioration in the HMA overlay between RCOD Phase I and RCOD Phase II.


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