Summary – Reflective Cracking Outdoor Phase III (RCOD III)

  • Applied traffic loads to the “traffic and temperature” (TT) section only using the FAA’s Heavy Vehicle Simulator for Airports (HVS-A).
  • Traffic start/end dates:  March 4-17, 2022.
  • Total passes: 4960
  • Accumulated passes to date: 10,416
  • Although, the remaining embedded strain gauge (TT34-EG-3) behaved in a similar way as in Phase II, it was observed an increase in tension throughout trafficking.
  • Embedded and surface strain gauges responses for Phase III trafficking were higher than Phase II. This could be an indication of the pavement becoming more susceptible to trafficking than previously observed. 
  • For all phases, thermal changes have a larger impact on joint displacements than traffic loading. The horizontal and vertical strain distribution in the HMA overlay may be different than traditional HMA pavements.


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