SPU Table

Contains information about the dynamic sensors and temperature sensors, including sensor type and location. (SPU refers to the 6 signal processing units, which acquire the dynamic sensor data.)


SensorID Sequential number used for sensor identification
SensorName Name assigned to the sensor. The first letters identify the sensor type: MDD = Multidepth Deflectometer; ASG = Asphalt Strain Gage; PC=Pressure Cells; T = Temperature sensors.
SPU Number of the signal processing unit (SPU) used to acquire dynamic data from SensorName. SPUs are numbered 1 – 6.
CARD Data acquisition card within the SPU used to acquire data from SensorName. There are two acquisition cards in each SPU.
TestItemID The test item where the sensor was located.
SCP The SCP is a signal conditioning plug-on module that provides analog signal conditioning in order to make the incoming signal compatible with the analog-to-digital converters in the SPU.
SensorTYPE Gives information on the sensor type.
CHANNEL Channel number on the data acquisition card corresponding to SensorName for dynamic data acquisition. There are 64 channels in each card.
LOCATION_X Sensor location x coordinate.
LOCATION_Y Sensor location y coordinate.
LOCATION_Z Sensor location z coordinate.
Comment May include specific information about a sensor, including dates for which sensor data are available in the database.
Modified Date the data was last updated/modified.


SPU Data Query

Test Item ID :