Daily Notes


During the duration of the CC1 Testing, daily trafficking notes were created. Daily notes were created to document the traffic testing within the NAPTF. The daily notes included general information regarding the testing parameters, loading conditions, completed passes, vehicle faults, instrumentation issues, and testing start and finish times.


To view the Daily Trafficking Notes for the CC1 Experiment click here.


The following timeline captures all activities performing during CC1:



April 1999 – NAPTF facility opened


May 1999 – CC1 test items construction completed


June 1999 – January 2000 – HWD deflection testing


August 1999 – September 1999 - Response testing: consisted of a series of static load, slow rolling and heavy weight deflectometer (HWD) testing


Feb 14, 2000 – Traffic testing began. After 28 passes, corner cracks occurred in MRS and HRS test items


March 3, 2000 – Static Response Tests performed on flexible pavement


March 30, 2000 – Traffic resumed and continued until all slabs were cracked


March 31, 2000 – HRS trafficking completed


April 6, 2000 – MRS trafficking completed


April 10, 2000 – LRS trafficking completed


May 2000 – High strength flexible test items trafficking completed after 5,000 passes


November 2000 – Trafficking stopped due to low ambient temperatures


May 2001 – trafficking resumed on flexible pavement


July 2001 – CC1 trafficking completed

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