Painting Plan


Paint Marking of Asphalt Pavement, August 27 to August 30, 2002 (4 work days)

A painting contractor performed the work.  The centerline was painted with a wide yellow stripe.  Medium width white stripes, painted transversely, marked off LFC-1, LFC-2, LFC-3, LFC-4 and the transitions.  Three narrow blue stripes were added transversely in each of the four sections.  They were placed at the center and the third points of each section identifying the locations for rut depth and profile measurements to be taken at intervals throughout the testing.  Lettering was placed on the north side of the pavement identifying each section, LFC-1, etc.  Medium width yellow stripes were painted in the longitudinal direction, outboard of the rails, for the full length of the facility, north and south.  These latter stripes marked off the safe clearance from the path of the test vehicle.  At this point, the asphalt pavement was ready for testing.