Wander Table

Contains information about wander sequences, including offset and travel direction.


Sequence No Indicates individual passes of the test vehicle for completion of the wander pattern.  The standard CC-3 wander pattern utilized a 66 pass sequence.  The MWHGL wander pattern utilized a 30 pass sequence.           
Wander Pattern
Two different wander patterns were used to traffic CC-3.  The standard wander pattern was used for all but one day of trafficking.  An alternate MWHGL wander pattern was utilized for the single day of trafficking.  The Wander Pattern page provides further information about the two wander patterns.

Track No

Track number defining the lateral position of the vehicle during event. There are 9 track numbers ranging from [-4, 4] for the standard CC-3 wander pattern. There are 5 track numbers ranging from [-2, 2] for the MWHGL wander pattern.           
Track Offset MM Track offset from center Track 0 in millimeters (mm).  Negative is North, Positive South.             

Track Offset IN

Track offset from center Track 0 in inches (in).  Negative is North, Positive South. 

Carriage Position North Position of North Carriage, value is the offset from the centerline in feet (ft). 
Carriage Position South  Position of South Carriage, value is the offset from the centerline in feet (ft). 
Travel Direction  Indicates the direction of movement for the test vehicle for each Sequence No. 
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