Static Data


Contains static sensor reading for temperature and moisture gages.

 (This table is a user-friendly view created from the MUX and static_sensor data tables, named temp_st.  In those tables, static_data.sensor_id uses Mux.sensorId as a foreign key.)


date_time Date and time at which static data were acquired. Dates are in the format MM/DD/YYYY. Time is local time (New Jersey, USA).
Year Test year

Julian day of the year

Julian days are counted successively from January 1st (day 1) to December 31st (day 365 or 366 in a leap year). This is also referred to as ordinal dates and conforms to the ISO 8601 standard.

Hour Hour of the day

Decimal for day of the year      

Decimal Day provides the calendar day of the year represented by a decimal. In short, the full year is represented by the value of one with the reported decimal value providing the time of the year rounded to three decimal places. At three decimal places the following accuracy can be achieved. For a normal year, 0.001 decimal days = 8.76 hours. For a leap year, 0.001 decimal days = 8.784 hours.

BatteryVoltage Battery voltage reading

The data collection system has a direct power source. However, a backup battery is also attached and acts as a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Source) in case of power loss. This column provides the voltage readout for the backup battery. If the battery voltage drops below 13, this is an indication that the charging system is failing and the MUX will die soon.

PanelTemp The data collection system collects temperature readouts for the panel of the system (in Celsius). If abnormal temperature responses are found from other temperature gages attached to the data collection system, the panel temperature data can be examined to verify if a temperature spike within the system is causing the erroneous data.
Tx_x | MG_xx
Sensor gage readings for Tx_x: Temperature gages and MG_xx: Moisture gages.


Tx_x are temperature gages placed within the pavement and they provide temperature data in Fahrenheit units. MG_xx are the moisture gages and they provide moisture content in percentage units.



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