Contains information about the dynamic sensors, including sensor type and location. (SPU refers to the 6 signal processing units, which acquire the dynamic sensor data.)


SensorID Sequential number used for sensor identification
SensorName Name assigned to the sensor. The first letters identify the sensor type: VD = vertical displacement; EG = embedded (strain) gage.
SensorType Gives information on the sensor type, including sensor units.
TestItemID The test item where the sensor was located. Refer to the test area diagram.
LocationX_ft Sensor location x coordinate (feet). Refer to the test area diagram.
LocationY_ft Sensor location y coordinate (feet). Refer to the test area diagram.
LocationZ_in Sensor location z coordinate (inches). Refer to the test area diagram.
SPU Number of the signal processing unit (SPU) used to acquire dynamic data from SensorName. SPUs are numbered 1 – 6.
Card Data acquisition card within the SPU used to acquire data from SensorName. There are two acquisition cards in each SPU.
CalFactorA Calibration factor A (for software data processing).
CalFactorB Calibration factor B (for hardware data processing).
Comment May include specific information about a sensor, including dates for which sensor data are available in the database.


SPU Data Query


Sensor IDSensor NameSensor TypeUnitTest Item IDLocation X ftLocation Y ftLocation Z inSPU NoCardChannelCalibration Factor ACalibration Factor BComment
43100SP-1Soil PressurePsiNorth1332.25-17.25-15.7431070.53-5.70 
43101SP-2Soil PressurePsiNorth1365.75-17.25-16.7831170.78-5.10 
43102LPT-U-N1-1Linear Position TransducermilsNorth1332.50-17.25-15.353121.000.00 
43103LPT-U-N1-2Linear Position TransducermilsNorth1357.42-17.25-16.303131.000.00 
43104LPT-U-N1-3Linear Position TransducermilsNorth1366.33-17.75-16.683141.000.00 
43105LPT-U-S1-1Linear Position TransducermilsSouth1332.7517.92-15.713151.000.00 
43106LPT-U-S1-2Linear Position TransducermilsSouth1357.5017.25-15.933161.000.00 
43107LPT-U-S1-3Linear Position TransducermilsSouth1366.3317.92-15.883171.000.00 
43108LPT-U-N2-1Linear Position TransducermilsNorth2422.83-17.75-16.343181.000.00 
43109LPT-U-N2-2Linear Position TransducermilsNorth2435.25-17.75-16.233191.000.00 
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