Phase II: CC4 SCI Validation Test (October - April 2008)

Test Setup for Validation

The Construction Cycle Five (CC-4) Validation Test Items were built to provide information on the effects of further deterioration of the underlying concrete layer on the performance of the concrete overlay. Construction consisted of removal of the concrete overlay and thin asphalt interlayer of the Baseline Test Items and replacing them in kind to form the Validation Test Items. The concrete underlying layer was retained so as to undergo additional deterioration at varying degrees under traffic loading.

The Test Setup description remains the same as given for the Baseline Test Items (CC-4). Instrumentation was similar and again included both dynamic and static sensors.

Test vehicle operations triggered data retrieval from the dynamic sensors at an increased sampling rate. Sensor data collected during both traffic and non-traffic time periods were processed and stored in a computer database maintained on-site. The database facilitated review of the data for analysis at a later time