Static Data


Sequential number used for sensor identification.


Date and time at which static data were acquired. Dates are in the format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS. Time is local time (New Jersey, USA).


Static data reading. Temperatures are given in degrees Fahrenheit.

 method Method used to collect the data. Collected through measurement or through the neural network model.

Temperature data were recorded from 8/14/2008 through 11/7/2008 and from 8/25/2009 through 10/16/2009.


Temperature data were unavailable for the following periods: 7/12/2010 through 8/11/2010; 9/15/2010 through 11/15/2010; and 8/21/2012 through 10/26/2012.  The missing data were created utilizing a neural network utilizing additional log files created during trafficking at the NAPTF, historic ambient temperature data at the Atlantic City Airport (ACY), and pavement temperature data from prior years.  The details of the modeling effort are included in the technical note that can be found here.



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