CC7 North Instrumentation Plan

Over 150 sensors of various types were installed in the test pavement. Dynamic sensors consisted of H-bar Asphalt Strain Gages (ASG) at the bottom of the P-401 asphalt HMA, Fiber Optic Strain Plate (FOSP) in test items LFC1-N to LFS5-N to measure transverse and vertical strains at the top and transverse stains at the bottom within the P-401 asphalt HMA layer, Multi-Depth Deflectometers (MDD), and Pressure Cells (PC) on the top of the clay subgrade. Static sensors included moisture sensors (MS), specific heat sensors, thermocouples (T), and air temperature/relative humidity sensors.


Dynamic Sensors

12 Multi-depth deflectometers (MDD)

12 Pressure cells

42 Asphalt strain gages

4 Fiber optic strain plates

4 Fiber optic strain gages


Click here to download the CC7 Instrumentation Plan As-Built.  On the drawing, the A-A section (North) corresponds to the Perpetual Pavement Test and section B-B (South) corresponds to the Overload Test.


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