CC7 North Traffic Testing Plan

CC7 North Gear Configuration

The NAPTF test vehicle (NAPTV) consists of two carriages, a north carriage and a south carriage, each of which can be configured using up to 9 wheels. A six-wheel (3D) gear configuration was used during the traffic test. The dimensions of the load configuration are illustrated in the figure below. The dual spacing was 54 inches and the tandem spacing was 57 inches.


CC7 North Wheel Load/Tire Pressure

Traffic testing was conducted at 2.5 mph using the NAPTV with a 3D configuration and a wheel load of 55 kips. The wheel load was increased to 65 kips after 30,030 loading passes. The nominal tire inflation pressure for all load levels was 255 psi, although actual tire pressures varied slightly with the traffic conditions during testing.

CC7 North Wander Pattern

The NAPTV simulates a normal distribution of aircraft traffic during traffic testing. The wander pattern used for the traffic testing consists of 66 vehicle passes, arranged in 9 wander positions. The figures shown below indicate the CC7 North wander positions. Offsets from the centerline are given in feet. Note that the offset dimension refers to the distance to the center of the load module, which is midway between the wheels. This figure should be used as reference to the track numbers indicated in the database.


CC7 Wander Positions


CC7 Wander Position Table


To download the entire wander table as used on the NAPTV, click here.



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