Load Type Table

This table provides information of the different load types that were used during the testing and the timing of each.  The Gear Load Type includes whether the loading was normal or an overload, the gear configuration and the loading in kips.  The Gear Load ID 1-8 give a reference number for which Gear Load ID was used for each test section from the Load Data table below.  The Load Data table includes information on the Test Item the Gear Load ID was used on, the number of tires used, the tire load used, the tire pressure, the dual spacing and the tandem spacing for each loading option.

Gear Load Type

Normal and Overload Loading.

Gear Load ID 1-8

Load Data from the Load Table.

Comments Comments about the Load Type.


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D Gear910111213141516Inner lane test
Single Wheel12345678Outer lane test
Single Wheel Inner (offset + - 10 ft)2526272829303132Inner lane test
Single Wheel Inner (offset + - 7.5 ft)1718192021222324Inner lane test
Single Wheel South 2 4 6 8Outer lane test south side only

Load Table

 This table provides information on the different gear loads used during testing including the number of wheels, the load on the wheels, the tire pressure and the spacing of the wheels. 


Gear load ID number


Test section item number


Number of tires used


Tire load in pounds


Tire pressure in psi


Spacing of the wheels in the gear in inches


Position of the carriage in feet

Comment Comments about the Load


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11184000286 -20 
22184000320 20 
33184000286 -20 
44184000320 20 
55163500286 -20 
66163500320 20 
77163500286 -20 
88163500320 20 
1 2 3 4