Pavement Distress Map


The distress surveys were performed on a daily basis in accordance to ASTM D5340.  Visual inspections occurred daily after all trafficking had finished.  The surveys were augmented with chalk markings, flashlights and other tools to ascertain the presence and pattern of very fine cracks. Cumulative plots of crack mapping were prepared. On these plots, the distresses were color-coded to separate dates/passes of distress surveys on which the new distresses were observed.  The observed cracks were then processed and analyzed as follows: linear cracks for each test item were measured and cumulatively added; and fatigue areas for each test item were measured and cumulatively added.  SCI calculations for each test item was generated for each distress survey.


Click here (PDF) to download the CC8 Phase 1 Distress Mapping Log and here (PDF) for the CC8 Phase 1 Distress  Map. (CC8 Ph 1 Distress Log.pdf and CC8 Phase 1 Distress Mapping.pdf)


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