Painting Plan

Painting of the CC9 test area was designed to serve two purposes: to delineate the test items, and to mark testing locations. All testing is conducted within the test item boundaries. Painting of the full area was completed by the contractor with a solvent-based acrylic paint using typical line striping equipment. Acrylic paint was used instead of standard waterborne paint due to its better performance in the low temperatures seen during application. Typical airport pavement paint is expected to have a long life span and endure an outdoor environment, concerns which are not as relevant in the NAPTF. Paint selection for CC9 placed a lower focus on durability and included an additional concern for the effects on indoor air quality.


Initial marking of the painting locations was done December 17th, 2019, and the final paint application was done December 23rd, 2019. Markings in white indicate nondestructive testing (NDT) locations. The drop locations (circles) and profiling paths (lines) are marked to ensure operator consistency during testing. The as-built painting plan is shown below.


For a PDF version of the CC9 As-Built Drawings click here.


The items were painted as follows:

  • Centerline was painted 8” wide in yellow
  • Safety lines were painted 4” wide in yellow
  • Transition lines were painted 4” wide in blue
  • Profile lines were painted 4” wide in white
  • NDT test locations were painted 12” circles in white
  • Lettering was painted 12” tall and 2.5” thick in blue


CC9 Painting Plan (Click to Zoom)


Painting Legend (Click to Zoom)


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