Wednesday, February 21, 2024

BAKFAA 3.4.3

BAKFAA is the FAA software to perform backcalculation of pavement material properties using Heavy Weight Deflectometer/Falling Weight Deflectometer (HWD/FWD) data.

1.  Designed as a .Net application

         •  Compatible with all existing versions of .Net environment
         •  Runs under Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10

2.  Ability to process a file in a Batch Mode

         •  Can process any number of deflection records at a time
         •  Exports batch calculation results into .csv files
         •  Presents a graph of batch calculation results

3.  Ability to switch application interface between English and Metric Units System

         •  All internal application calculations and calls to LEAF module are still using English Units System
         •  All application content (text, lists and graphs) is presented depending on Units System choice
         •  Application is capable of processing data input files (excluding LEAFAircraft.Ext) in both systems
         •  Application output files can be presented in both systems

4.  Extended list of possible file formats

5.  File Conversion Feature

         •  Converts a proprietary manufacturer’s file into PDDX (Pavement Deflection Data Exchange) format file .ddx

6.  Joint Transfer Efficiency Feature

         •  Calculates distribution of deflections across rigid pavement airfield joints

Documents to download