Friday, December 22, 2023


FAARFIELD 2.1 is the standard software accompanying the following FAA Advisory Circulars: AC 150/5320-6G - Airport Pavement Design and Evaluation, AC 150/5335-5D - Standardized Method of Reporting Pavement Strength - PCR

FAARFIELD 2.1, the FAA’s standard software for airport pavement thickness design and evaluation (AC 150/5320-6G, Airport Pavement Design and Evaluation) and pavement strength reporting using the ACR/PCR method (AC 150/5335-6D, Standardized Method of Reporting Pavement Strength – PCR), features the following:

  • Improved User Interface (UI) functionalities.
  • The UI displays Slab Edge Stress and Slab Interior Stress for all aircraft in the Traffic mix, when performing Thickness Design or Life analysis of New Rigid pavement. The UI also shows the Most Demanding Aircraft.
  • Performs Reduced Cross Section design for New Flexible and New Rigid.
  • Enhanced capabilities to create and save Traffic Mix in the job file.
  • Automatically downloads the most up-to-date aircraft library from PAVEAIR when users open the program.
  • Improved ACR-PCR analysis.
  • Modified information for numerous aircraft in the aircraft library.

Please note that:

  • FAARFIELD stands for FAA Rigid and Flexible Iterative Elastic Layered Design. FAARFIELD 2.1 incorporates full 3D finite element responses to aircraft loads for new rigid pavements and rigid overlays. The 3D finite element models used for rigid pavement designs are computationally intensive and may result in long run times, depending on the computer characteristics. Your comments on this program and your suggestions for improvement are appreciated.
  • FAARFIELD 2.1 is compatible with Windows operating systems. Windows 10 or higher is recommended. Installation instructions are available in the readme file.
  • For questions, comments, or further information regarding this program, please contact Dr. David R. Brill, FAA Airport Technology R&D Branch, ANG-E262.

FAARFIELD 2.1.1 replaces all previous versions of FAARFIELD. 

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