Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Performance Assessment of the DeTect™ HARRIER® X-Band Aircraft Detection Lighting System (ADLS)

DOT/FAA/TC-TN17/58 Authors: James Patterson, Jr. and Garrison Canter

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airport Technology Research and Development Branch (ATR) personnel conducted a performance assessment of the X-band radar version of the HARRIER® Aircraft Detection Lighting System (ADLS) developed by DeTectTM, Inc. The purpose of this assessment was to determine if the DeTect HARRIER ADLS meets the ADLS requirements specified in Chapter 14 of FAA Advisory Circular (AC) 70/7460-1L, “Obstruction Marking and Lighting.”

FAA ATR personnel assessed a DeTect HARRIER X-band ADLS installed by the Public Service Electric and Gas Company on transmission towers near Aeroflex-Andover Airport (12N), located in Andover, New Jersey. This performance assessment, consisting of demonstrations, flight testing, and data analysis was conducted on June 24, 2016. In the performance assessment, a series of flight patterns were flown against the DeTect HARRIER ADLS to demonstrate whether it could meet the FAA performance requirements specified in AC 70/7460-1L. The DeTect HARRIER X-band ADLS performed according to the manufacturer’s specifications and met the performance requirements identified in AC 70/7460-1L.

Authors: James Patterson, Jr. and Garrison Canter

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