Construction Cycle 1 (CC-1) Rigid & Flexible Test Items

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Test Setup

The CC-1 test pavement was built at the same time as the National Airport Pavement Test Facility. Test item construction was completed in May 1999, shortly after the opening of the Facility in April 1999. CC-1 consisted of 9 test items - 6 flexible and 3 rigid. Each of the three different subgrade types (low strength - CBR 3, medium strength - CBR 8, and high strength - CBR 20) had two flexible test items and one rigid test item. Of the two flexible test items on a given subgrade, one had P-401 asphalt stabilized base, and the other P-209 crushed stone base. The rigid test items were constructed on P-306 cement stabilized base (Econocrete) base. Traffic tests were conducted in two phases: February 14 November 15, 2000, and May 12 – November 5, 2001.

Summary of Daily Traffic Repetitions

The traffic data for flexible and rigid pavement test items are available. Daily and monthly traffic repetitions, as well as current traffic totals, are given for each test item.

Post Traffic Tests

The summary of post traffic tests from test item MFC (CC-1) is given in a technical note.


Query CC-1 Databases


Table Map - The Table Map is a description and diagram of the CC-1 database schema.  This is useful in understanding what data are captured, in which tables specific data are located, and how the tables themselves are related to one another. Advanced users may refer to the information given in the Table Map and Table Details to formulate logical SQL queries.


Profile Data - Transverse profile measurements were made at regular intervals to track the structural deterioration of the flexible test items. Use this link to search transverse profile data from the CC1 database.


Traffic Data - Query Traffic Data between a start and end date.


Static Sensor Data - Static sensors collect data on an hourly basis. Static sensors include temperature, moisture, relative humidity, and other gages that are not triggered by movements of the test vehicle. Use this link to search the static sensor data for CC1.


Dynamic Sensor Data - Dynamic sensors are triggered by movements of the load vehicle.  Therefore, dynamic sensor responses are collected only on days when the load vehicle is in operation.  Dynamic sensor records are available for most passes of the load vehicle on the test items. However, some gaps in the data are known to exist. Use this link to search the dynamic sensor data for CC1. The default search returns all dynamic responses for a specific sensor type, test item and date. Advanced users can use the Custom SQL Query function to return other data sets. Note that only “read-only” (Select) queries are allowed.

MDD Sensor Data - MDDs are multi-depth deflectometers. These sensors record dynamic deflections under the vehicle load at multiple vertical locations. Use this link to search and return MDD data for a specific date.

FWD - The FWD table stores information about flexible pavement section, loads and reading for specific locations. A falling weight deflectometer (FWD) is a testing device used to estimate pavement structural capacity. Use this link to search and return FWD data for a specific test item.