Construction Cycle One (CC-1) Rigid & Flexible Test Items

Strain Gage: Concrete and Asphalt


Table Map

The database is organized into 13 tables as shown in the table map below.  Key fields in each table are indicated by a key symbol.  Lines represent links between tables.  In order to more clearly show the relationships between the tables, not all fields have been shown in this map. A short description of each table is provided below.  For a complete listing of the fields in each table, including SQL Server data types, see Table Details

Table Descriptions

  • Dynamic_data - Contains dynamic sensor responses, including peak values and full dynamic records.  
  • FWD - Contains falling-weight deflectometer (FWD) test data. FWD tests are conducted periodically on NAPTF test items to monitor changes in the pavement structural properties.
  • Gear - Contains information about the configured loads, including number of tires per carriage, applied tire loads (nominal), and tire spacings (dual and tandem)
  • MUX - Contains information about the static sensors, including sensor type and location. (MUX refers to the multiplexer units, which acquire the static sensor data.)
  • SPUs - Contains information about the dynamic sensors, including sensor type and location. (SPU refers to the 6 signal processing units, which acquire the dynamic sensor data.)
  • Static_data - Contains static sensor responses, including hourly temperature and moisture readings. 
  • Test_Item - Contains engineering data about the pavement test items, including the pavement type (rigid or flexible), layer thicknesses and materials. This information is useful for structural analysis. 
  • Track - Identifies the north and south carriage positions corresponding to the 9 wander tracks. 
  • Traffic - Contains information about the vehicle passes, including start and end times for each load event, gear configuration, applied loads (actual), and wander position. 
  • Wander - Lists the track numbers and carriage positions corresponding to each sequence number in the wander pattern.


The following three tables are used to store pavement survey data:


  • Distress - Lists the standard distress types used to determine pavement condition index (PCI) and structural condition index (SCI). 
  • PCI_summary - Contains summary data on PCI surveys conducted on the test items. 
  • PCI_survey - Contains detailed data on PCI surveys, including the distresses and deduct values used to determine the PCI.