Contains data from Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) tests using the KUAB Heavy Weight Deflectometer (HWD) testing vehicle.  The FAA KUAB has 8 sensors measuring deflections and a 4-sided segmented loading plate with a radius of 5.91 inches.   One sensor is positioned at the center of the plate, another sensor is positioned 12 inches in front of the plate along the path of the vehicle, and the remaining six sensors are positioned behind the plate at 12" spacing.  The vehicle is operated by a driver in the truck cabin and a spotter outside the vehicle for positioning of the plate.


Overall Identification Key for CC-3 FWD test


Indicates the surface material or sensor contact during the FWD testing.  Uniformity testing was performed throughout construction with data collected on the surface of the P-154, P-209, and P-401 pavement layers.  P-154 is the subbase material used in CC-3.  P-209 is the base material used in CC-3.  P-401 is the asphalt surface layer constructed across CC-3.  For further information regarding the structure of CC-3, please examine the Pavement Construction page.  Data was also collected at the Multi-Depth Deflectometers (MDDs) at the asphalt pavement surface after their installation but prior to trafficking to ensure the sensors were working properly.  MDD sensor locations are provided with the Instrumentation Plan page.  Finally, FWD data was collected at the asphalt surface throughout trafficking for each test item.  These are denoted by LFC1, LFC2, LFC3, and LFC4 with additional information found at the Pavement Construction page.


Date and time at the start of test, in format MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS _M. Time is EST, local for New Jersey, USA.


Applied Load of Drop in pounds force (lbf)


Offset Location from drop for each Sensor 0-7 in inches (in)

Deflection of Each Sensor 0-7 in millimeters (mm)


Air temperature during test (Degrees Fahrenheit)


Pavement temperature during test (Degrees Fahrenheit)


Operator comments.  This field also notes the Station Number in feet (ft), test section, lane, and offset from pavement centerline in feet (ft).


FWD Data Query


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