Test Items table

Contains engineering data about the pavement test items, including the pavement type (rigid or flexible), layer thicknesses and materials. This information is useful for structural analysis.


Refer to Structure Diagram.

Query Test Items Data

Test Item IDPavement TypeSubgradeLayer 1Layer 1 Thick INLayer 2Layer 2 Thick INLayer 3Layer 3 Thick INLayer 4Layer 4 Thick INComment
MRS1_NorthRigidMediumP-50112.00P-4036P-15410.00  P-501 target strength 500 psi
MRS1_SouthRigidMediumP-50112.00P-3066P-15410.00  P-501 target strength 500 psi
MRS2_NorthRigidMediumP-50112.00P-4036P-15410.00  P-501 target strength 750 psi
MRS2_SouthRigidMediumP-50112.00P-3066P-15410.00  P-501 target strength 750 psi
MRS3_NorthRigidMediumP-50112.00P-4036P-15410.00  P-501 target strength 1000 psi
MRS3_SouthRigidMediumP-50112.00P-3066P-15410.00  P-501 target strength 1000 psi